Inputaction not working

Can’t get it to print hello even from just a Q input. hope someone can help, thank you for your time have a nice day.

Things to double check:

  • are we using Q anywhere else? Level Blueprint perhaps?
  • this is a base class, are there any children then? Perhaps a child hungrily consumes or overrides it:


  • is there any other parent / child dependency that could affect it?
  • is that pawn possessed?

edit: @Snowynight added more bullets

Nope this is the only spot im using q i even triple checked all the input actions. made sure no other was being used and the child has nothing in it yet.

  • is that base / child pawn possessed?
  • does placing the base pawn in the scene, possessing it and using an uncommon key (rather than input) produce a results


  • are there any plugins?
  • are we running Input Mode UI Only by accident?