InputAction Fire gets Stuck?


So, a bit of context: I’m making a game where your main weapon is a weedwacker. The intent is that when you hold down left click, the weedwacker comes on (after a brief spin up, controlled by a Timeline) and once you release left click, the weedwacker stops spinning (after a brief spin down, also controlled by a Timeline.) Essentially, a constant damage weapon while enabled (like a chainsaw.)

I continuously run into an issue where my input is not really reacting like it should. A number of things can happen:

  1. Clicking once (as opposed to holding down) will spin the weedwacker up and then leave it in a constantly running state. Clicking again will just restart the spin up Timeline animation and continue to run constantly without me holding the mouse button down.
  2. The intended effect will run backwards: Holding the mouse click down will keep the weedwacker from running, releasing the click will run the weedwacker.
  3. It works just fine with no problems.

I’m inclined to think I’m doing something wrong with how the input state is received and held, but I’ve seen from multiple sources that this is a perfectly valid way to do the effect I’m trying to do (basically it functions the same way a machine gun would, a line trace is fired based on a delay as long as the button is held down.) Other similar anomalous effects can happen as well, such as the grass spray effect coming on and remaining on until another button press. Here is a screenshot of my blueprint setup:

Has anyone had a problem with input getting “stuck” or misinterpreted like this?