InputAction does only seem to be called in one single level. How to make it work in every level?


I’m working on a small game project for university and I have a problem with InputAction.

I’m trying to connect a few rooms though doors and every room is a different level.
You can enter a room by pressing “E” and standing in front of the room’s door.

The Problem:
I created an InputAction in the ProjectSettings and mapped “E” to Interact.
This works when spawning in the start level and interacting with the door to the next room.
Unfortunately the InputAction Interact does not even get called when I try to use it in my doors on any other level, even when initially spawning there.

This is what I use for detection of the player and the InputAction. The collision above works everywhere and the LoadLevel aswell, but in the InputAction part not even the first string gets printed.

This screenshot is from inside the door blueprint.

I did also enable receiving input of the pawn in the other levels.

Does anyone know why that could be? Thanks for the answer in advance :smiley:

Best regards

The InputAction should be in the character. Only the character has to listen to inputs and the other actors are left frozen until player “interacts” with them. This will save you a lot of headaches.

You can use overlap, traces or collision to tell the character what is close and what he can interact with without even telling him if it’s a door, elevator, etc using Blueprint Interfaces.

Suggest you watch the entire video:

Starting at 1:00:00 he demos with a door.