Input Touch node issue

Hi there,
I’m developping an android app with the 4.16.
I think there is an issue with the mentioned node : if it correctly detects the pressed and released events, the node detects that the finger (or mouse) moves sometimes even if it’s immobile (but touches the screen).

Workflow : setting a pawn in the scene, enable input for this pawn.
Add an “Input Touch” node in event graph.
Add a print string linked to moved exec output.
Launch the game and click/touch the screen.
Even without moving the finger or the mouse, the node prints sometimes.
Expected : when pressed but NOT moving, the event shouldn’t send any moved event.

Did anyone experiment this too ?

Note : tested in 4.15, it works fine (no moved event executed when mouse button or finger is pressed but immobile).

Still appears in 4.17.1

Have the same problem, 4.16