Input stopped working

Upgraded to 4.18 without any issue except input. All the inputs are disabled across the board! player controller, pawn, any actor, level blueprint. Cant force an input anywhere!

Spent 2 days but no luck! Any help/hint is appreciated.

I have been debugging this since 2.5 weeks ! Not even editor keys like switching render modes are working when I play in viewport or standalone or windowed which is strange as these are editor binded keys and should work regardless of my setup in the game, right ?

When I create an empty level with a default game mode, keys are working.

If anyone has any suggestion, please let me know. thx

It sounds like you’re trying to import an older project into UE4. I’ve never experienced the “input bug” like you’ve described, but you could try starting an empty level (like you said worked), saving it, throwing all your files from the old project into that project, and seeing if that works.

I tried that and strangely when I use the default gamemode input is working but when I switch to my own game mode using my own pawn/player controller it has the same issue! Even if I add a key event into the level/playercontrol/mawn class I have and force them to overwrite everything, it does not work ! very strange!

I know this isn’t the best option, but if your game isn’t really complex, you could recreate it in 4.18. If you have a lot of complex BPs, you can hit crtl+a and crtl+c and that copies them as text which you can import into the new version. Aside from that, I’m just not experienced enough to help. best of luck

This was fixed in 4.19