Input Settings Completely Broken In 4.2

Hey Epic,

Just wanted to give you a heads up that I’m having some serious issues trying to re-map some of my input bindings that were lost when converting to 4.2. A bunch of the bindings were lost but I figured I’d just try to re-create the mappings. It’s not going to well because the options in the “Engine - Input” area are completely going haywire on me.

What’s happening is that when I sometimes try to add or remove Action Mappings or even their internal mappings ie. Gamepad Face Button Right, it’s sometimes affecting the opposite. If I click to add to create a brand new Action Mapping, if I do that a couple times then it won’t add to the mappings but rather the inner mappings per each Action Mapping. It right now did the opposite where I was attempting to remove an internal mapping for a keypress and it completely deleted one of my other Action Mappings. I saw some stuff pop up on AnswerHub regarding this but no solution. It’s making it incredibly difficult to add these and keep them organized. Also, in the future, if we could re-order these, that would be great.

Thanks again!

EDIT: Another symptom I am noticing is if sometimes you add an internal mapping to an Action Mapping, it in my case expanded the first collapsed Action Mapping on my list. Hope this helps.

Thanks, Stryker, I added TTP# 338497. Our QA Team will try to repro this and then we’ll take a look.

Thank you very much! One thing I also noticed is it seems like this happens when all InputActions are expanded. As I recreated it, I would just collapse all the previously created ones and that seemed to help. It would still expand the first collapsed InputAction if they were all collapsed but I would just keep collapsing them as I went down the list. Appreciate it and have a great weekend.

Hi MC Stryker,

I’ve been attempting to repro this issue but cannot get it to do so.

I am currently using 4.2.1 to test this.

Are you able to repro this in a new project and list the detailed steps here (images could be helpful as well)?

Thank you!