Input Selector

Hey all,

I’ve tried google and I haven’t found any results. I’m trying to use the input key selector in UMG to setup keybinds and I’m struggling with it. Does anyone know how to use it properly? I setup a button to set keyboard focus, but that doesn’t seem to work.

I’m kinda bummed. Most stuff in blueprints is pretty functional, but this seems to be one of the little spots that could use some love. Setting up input and axis binds, through blueprints, seems way harder than it should. Maybe I’m missing something…

The articles that I found online (and even the UI project I bought off the marketplace) seem to use their own C++ functions converted to blueprints to get the job done.

Ah so I think I figured this out.

I put an Input Selector in my widget, then used a button to set focus to that Selector. I overrode the OnKeyDown event, used Get Key, then converted that to a variable.

Blueprint action mappings seem way messier/harder than they should. I feel like there should be a way to easily setup and rebind mappings through blueprints.

could you post picture?