Input question

After figuring out what was causing my crafting widgets to not function the way they should I have decided to move onto the next part of my crafting system and that is the mouse. I know how to show and hide the mouse but when going from “playing” the game with the mouse to “using” the mouse for the UMG UI how do you say allow the mouse to move the character when the UMG ui is hidden, and to keep the character moving and having the mouse use only the UMG UI with out clicking twice?

For example when my crafting ui displays I allready have the mouse pointer shown, but I have to click once to keep the character from moving and once again to use a UMG button. Then when I hide the ui i still have ot click the screen to gain mouse control of the character again. Hope I have made sense.

Just create a Boolean that controls whether or not your player can or can’t move/can or can’t do something, change the Boolean to enable/disable input.

I actually found an easier way that i will post when i get home. But there are 2 functions in input that make it easy.

As promised the solution that I used was the “SetInputMode UIOnly” function in the blue print when the UI gets displayed then when the ui is closed I use the “SetInputMode Game only” function and “setIgnoreLookInput”. setIgnoreLookInput is set to false so the mouse can be used to look