Input not working in packaged game

I got packaging to work for the first time though keypad or controller inputs are not working. I’ve read that i have to “save as default” in the input settings but that button does not exist anymore

Any ideas?

could you elaborate a bit more? Do you have window focus in the packaged game when you try your input?

It means that the program is at the top of all other windows and that usually the mouse pointer and keyboard is being captured by the program instead of other windows. A different question, do you load the same map for the packaged game as you do in the editor?

Input simply doesn’t work, gamepad nor the keyboard. can’t move player at any time.
Input works in the editor just fine but not in the packaged game when i start it up.

I’m still kind of new at this , what is window focus ?

hmm nothing else was open at the time.
Yes, it’s the same map
EDIT: trying to on another computer

Wonder if it doesn’t have something to do with DefaultInput.ini not getting copied properly. Try this bit: close the editor and re-open the project and repackge the game, see if the inputs will work then.

You can always alt-tab to try to change window focus, possibly if you’re using UMG you may lose focus to a widget, use SetFocustoGameViewport to fix that. To programmatically force focus you may have to go down to C++ and windows api.

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got it to work on the other computer so it seems you were right right with the focus. There was still something using the controls he didn’t shut down. Is there a way to give the game primary focus for the game ?

Give the last comment an answer so i can give you credit, thanks for the help!

Ok I’ll try those, and luckily I already use C++ so I’ll look into it, thanks so much for the help!

Hi there!

Anyone who comes across this … If you are opening a level in a cooked/stand-alone game and are unable to move or input with the viewport, make immediately after loading the level you set it to Input Game Only to resolve this.

The above solutions did not assist me but this did.

I have the same problem. And I have focus because ALT+F4 quits the game and the ~ is turnin on the console…

I had the same issue - would work in everything but deploy.
if you have widgets on your player screen

  • Need the level blueprint
  • casttogameinstance then
  • setfocusGameViewport then
  • setInputgameonly

This applies for Blueprint based projects so I posted this as I took a while to find -

I had the same issue , just found the solution .It seems i had duplicated a blueprint in the same level . i deleted the duplicated blueprint which solved the issue .