Input not working, in new character blueprint on first person template

I created a new project with a first person template in UE4.27.2, added the animation starter pack from the market place. Created a new Character blueprint and added this blueprint:

and created an action1 in projects setting:

i also changed the character class default setting to :

Draged that newly created character in the middle of the scene, hit play, but pressing neither F, O or G print Hello to the screen… What i’m missing?

Click on the character, and in the details, set possess to auto for player1.

I think you’re using the default world character, and standing there, looking at your new character…

Thanks for your answer, however setting possess to auto for player does not solve the problem.
Just to be clear: i want to keep controlling the original character while also receiving input from the new one.

I solved the issue by creating an AIController blueprint and attach it to the new character, that way i can receive input within AIController blueprint and control the new character.

i’m new to unreal engine, so maybe a character is not mean to directly receive input while your not possessing it?

So you can control both at once?