Input not working after removing UMG pause menu


I’m creating pause menu in my game like in

Pause menu works but after using button resume, reload and returning to map mouse input is not working. I can’t touch/click objects.
Of course after clicking resume/reload in pause menu I’m removing pause menu from viewport like in tutorial. Additionaly I handle touch/click in my Pawn not in game objects it self.

Occurs in:

  • UE 4.14.3
  • Debian Stretch and MacOS Sierra 10.12.2

One more thing, after opening Pause menu and execute action by clicking button (Resume or Reload) I lost mouse input. When this is happen in editor I can use shortcut on keyboard Shift+F1 and after that I can click viewport with game and mouse input is start working agian.


I was able to reproduce your issue, and I have a solution to help fix both issues you are having!

  1. To fix your issue with your resume button, in the event graph for the pause button, set show mouse cursor to false and you should be able to do things as you could befoe you paused the game

  2. To fix you Quit/Reload Button issue you need to set the input mode to game only after loading your level.

Thanks for help!