[INPUT NEEDED] Physical Stats

Despite having no experience with game design or the resources to create the games of my dreams, I write detailed game design documents as a hobby, even though I may never see them become a reality in the future. I simply find it enjoyable to put my ideas to paper, and my current project of focus has been a superhero-based MMO game that differs greatly from your usual style of MMO.

The normal “stand there and hit them until their health reaches 0” has been replaced with a more freeflow-style of combat system (think Assassin’s Creed and Arkham Knight). However, the area I have become stuck on is the hyper-realistic system of physical “Stats” I have been attempting to develop, which is a system of Character Point allocation (a maximum of ten each) to each Stat. These Stats consist of Durability, Endurance, Intelligence, Speed and Strength. Before continuing, I should mention an example of what I have developed thus far in regards to the game’s unarmed combat system. Kinetic Force Damage is determined by the speed of the character’s strike squared (in metres per second) multiplied by the mass of the arm (in kilograms), providing the result in Newtons (N). Influencing the player’s mass is the Strength Stat, which increases Muscle Mass (and arms represent a percentage of the player’s total mass).

First of all, in order to finalise the details of the Strength Stat, I need to determine what factors (in real life) contribute to the maximum weight of an object someone can lift, and what limits this. Secondly, I must determine what factors define jump height and then determine which Stat they belong in. Thirdly, I must determine how the Speed stat works, which includes how it influences the velocity of an unarmed Strike and run/jog speed. Fourthly, I must provide some details for how Endurance works, namely in how rapidly the player’s Stamina falls from different activites and what influences maximum Stamina and Stamina fall rates. Fifth, Durability and how the character’s body can reduce injuries caused by blows. Healing, obviously, would be difficult to replicate on the base Stats due to how it works in real life, so there is no need to care about how that works for now as I shall opt for a somewhat less realistic system there. As for Intelligence, I am still considering what that could be used for.

For now, I would prefer to finalise Strength before working out the details of the other Stats. Overall, the game does not need to possess any particularly high level of detail regarding scientific accuracy, only that normal human traits are at least represented as realistically as possible. Basically, real life human physical capabilities need to be simplified, so do not worry about too much detail. They just need to look realistic, so sorting the realistic details and simplifying them afterwards is the route I seek to take.

Unfortunately, my attempts to locate any reasonable answers online as to how these biological systems work have been, believe it or not, highly lacking in results. I am therefore here requesting your help in fixing this system up, and would be hugely grateful to anyone interested in becoming involved. Perhaps, if I can complete the complex and finer details of the entire game, then I shall put the game’s documents and full details up here for feedback, and perhaps we could turn it into a significant joint project. Until then, it is merely a hobby, but a hobby that means much to me regardless.

I shall be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the game in general or the Stats system, whether out of your curiosity or willingness to assist.