Input mapping, alternate ability use on face buttons when holding trigger(s)

I’m working on a Side-scroller kinda like castle crashers, Brawler with RPG elements. I’ve been stuck trying to find some way to make the game pad face buttons have a secondary functions. Currently I have set to Jump, Light Attack, Heavy Attack and Grapple, and i would like to be able to trigger additional skills while holding the left or right trigger, but am having a bit of difficulty figuring out how to do it. I’ve been looking in the settings and trying to maybe figure out a way i can rig it up to trigger with blueprints instead in the input settings. Any advice would be appreciated.

have you tried something like a switch or select or a branch. a bit of flow control could be what your looking for. i know theres built in functionality for checking things like control, alt, mouse buttons, and such but i dont know of anything for gamepads.

That should work well enough. I might keep tinkering around, but this seems quick enough to put together to do what i want. Thanks