Input keys already active ?

Just upgraded to 4.10 and stuck with axis mapping. Problem is after setting the input axis to an offset and start game the input is already active ?

What do you mean with already active?

InputAxis always tick. If you don’t press the button or axis, it will push out a constant value of 0.0.

Thing is I’m not having to press the button ?

Yes, InputAxis are, like i said, ticking without pressing the button. The AxisValue will just be 0.0 in that time.
If you want stuff to happen only on a button press, you need to make an ActionMapping instead of AxisMapping.

It’s not pushing out 0 it’s the axis value 1 or -1 constantly.

Oh ok, can you show me sure AxisMapping in the Settings and also the Blueprint Part where you are using it?
Maybe i can spot something (:

Not sure this is enough info.

Just to check to be clear, the orange / red pipeline should be constant, pressed or not ?

Hm, that should only push out 1 if you push W. Can you, just to test it, add S with -1 to it and check what the Axis Value is when you don’t push any button (print it).

I restarted and seems to work ok, printed out the value says 0 / 1 and -1 as it should do. Just to check, the orange pipeline should always be active pressed or not ?

Yes, the code is always executing, the only thing that you pressing the button does is drive the axis value.

Ok, thanks for the help.