Input Key Selector Style

Hey, can i set the Input Key Selector Style in Blueprint?

Hello ,

As long as you have a reference to your widget blueprint all you have to do is pass a Button Style Struct variable to it from another blueprint. You could make a function in the widget that exists to update your button style for your specific Input Key Selector Style.


Update function in widget

In the other blueprint

Hey, thanks your answer but i don’t know one more things. How can i add an Target Output to Button Style variable? Like on the first picture.

You’re welcome! Are you asking how to call the Set Widget Style node? If so you actually search for Set Style from your Input Key Selector variable. Otherwise can you please specify what you are are trying to figure out?


Okay, this is succeeded. I thought i need to create a new variable but i just need to call it down. It’s possible to connect more Key Selector to the Target at once?

I solved the more connection with a make array and a for each loop node.