Input Issue

Hi, I’ve been working on a lot of projects and have had the same problem over and over and could never find a solution.
The issue is when I place 2 actors in the scene that can be, for example, opened (a chest, a door …) I can only open one of them with the same Key, the second one will not work. Like, when I press a Key, it gets disabled for all the others actors and can be just used on the first actor you used it.

Probably not the “input” event from the looks of it. You are using 2 booleans on one input event which means that even though the “input” event can fire multiple times unless those booleans get “reset” the chain will not execute. So the first box you open that boolean that says “Is Opened” would be false, “Is Overlap” I assume would be true when you press the input button to open the chest. So once that is complete the chest opens because it made it through the “branches” because the booleans were false–>true. BUT once the chest is open you must be setting that boolean “Is Opened” to true. Now when you come across chest #2, you use the input event and it checks and sees that “Is Opened” is TRUE because you opened chest #1. So now you can’t open chest #2. The execution path fails out at the first branch. I would recommend storing the “Is Opened” variable on the chest itself, then on overlap cast to the player character and check the boolean “Is Opened” on the chest if false open, if true do nothing. This will allow you to differentiate between chests.

i would also add to try selecting your input event then in the details panel uncheck consume input. this will allow multiple actors to use the some key press at once, but this shouldnt be an issue since you already have controls built in like overlaps.

Thanks to both of you guys, but this was the issue. Didn’t even know there was a “Consume Input” option, really new to UE4, trying to learn as fast as I can.