Input - Gamepad Left Stick Up/Down - Deadzone too sensitive & Can't be changed?


In the input editor you can use the joystick up/down/left/right as an Action Mapping. When used as an axis mapping eg. for moving you can change the deadzone under ‘Axis Config’.

But when used as an Action Mapping there does not seem to be a way to modify the deadzone - the point at which it says the stick is up instead of left/right. Currently it is way too sensitive and if I use it to jump and crouch it happens when I’m trying to move unless I’m careful, this shouldn’t be the case or at least I should be able to change it.

Does anyone know a way to change this? I’m checking here before I post in feedback to ask for a fix.


What joypad are you using on your PC?

I’m using an X360 pad and found the Deadzone was very small. One way to confirm the actual size of your dead zone is to use a ‘Print String’ that displays the X & Y values of each analogue stick every frame and see how far you need to move the stick in each direction before an Axis registers a number above or below ‘0’.

You’ll also discover that your stick may never reach a full ‘1’ in a particular axis when you push it the stick to the edge, sometimes by as much as 10%. If you’re making a game that uses a joypad then it’s worth adding a calibration screen to solve this problem.