Input for "punch" not working in blueprint

I followed the tutorial from the UE4 youtube on making a third person game and somehow ended up with a problem. For some reason my inputs arent firing even when assigned and I think it has do with with me starting this project on something I had already been messing around with for awhile. I know it will be quite hard to find this small problem in only a few screenshots but maybe Im just forgetting something simple. So here is where I am currently at:

I have added “Punch” to the action mappings


Here is my character animation blueprint using the punching montage that is supposed to be bound to left click

and I have also set up a punching state changer on my character blueprint


I then added “Enable Input” on “Event Begin Play” to see if I just needed to listen to input, but it did not help.


The user below helped me to figure out how to make it fire but my animation still is not working. Everything in my pivture of the anim blueprint fires but nothing happens in game. If Montage Play is firing why wont it play it?

Try using a Print String after setting the Punching State to see if it fires in the console.

Now I cant see even my door blueprint firing on the blueprint graph. How could I have turned these off?

I have no idea why I did not think of that. It is definitely firing, but why isnt it showing it on my blueprint during play? It showed his on screen doing this. What would cause them not to show?

Hi Rawnstarr,

Try adding these nodes to your Event Graph in your CharacterAnimBP:

Let me know if this helps!

Hey ! Turns out my problem was in a completely different area that was completely my fault. After I used your print statement to make sure the things were firing, I learned that you have to add the debug for the blueprints to start firing. After that I found that I had not attached my “Branch” to my “Do Once” but that was only a problem with resetting. My real problem was that on my “CharacterAnimBP”, when I added the slot to the Anim graph, I named the slot “UpperBody” when the slot used by the montage was name "UpperBody " with a random space on the end. I got everything solved and have now finished the tutorial. Thanks for your help!

Where you get a working NON bugged run to work with the punching asset montage?.. im trying to use 4.9.2 but it wont retarget at all and the Original i assume 4.8 set that they give you… the run has major ugly glicth in its loop…

ANy help…

PS UE4 please go though your assets and fix the things that were request 2 years ago to be fixed… OR change the tutorials to match what your giving… IM trying here in EVERY which way beside ANIMATING my own stuff totally from scratch…

Please anyone for the community

Hi ,

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Completely the same situation. Punching state is work but not showing.