Input controls non-responsive in Standalone

Hey guys,

So I’ve started playing around with the spaceshooter VR template and have been building a blueprint system to possess to the spaceshooter controller from the player controller and visaversa using this tutorial:

Third Person to Sedan

I’m using editor version 4.5.1

Currently the Spaceshooter pawn and Character are under the Pawn Class with MyCharacter being under the Character sub class.

I am able to get it to work in PIE but when attempting to play in Standalone the controls when starting with MyCharacter as the default pawn are non-responsive. Whereas if I start as the Space Shooter Pawn, the controls are responsive but ‘E’ doesn’t possess MyCharacter as it is supposed to.

I am using casting between the ‘MyCharacter’ and ‘Space Shooter Pawn’ blueprints to possess. I’ve read that it could be the casting not working correctly?

I have checked that my Game Mode, Default Pawn, and Default Controller are correct in both the World Settings and the Project Settings.

Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated. I’ve attached some screenshots of the blueprints I’ve edited.

Many thanks!


Hello ChrisRBolton,

I have a couple of quick questions for you that will help narrow down the issue that you are experiencing.

Quick questions:

  1. If you change the ‘E’ key to anything else that is not used in any other blueprints (like maybe ‘P’ key) does this allow you to posses your character? (The ‘E’ key could be becoming consumed somewhere else)
  2. Have you tried setting it up so that the action to posses your character was in the SpaceShooterPawn?

Hello ChrisRBolton,

We have not heard back from you in a few days, so we are marking this post as Resolved for tracking purposes. If you are still experiencing the issue you reported, please respond to this message with additional information and we will offer further assistance.

Thank you.

Hey sorry, long week at work and haven’t had time to test until now! I did try changing the key input and it helped. But it seems the problem lies with which controller controls the navigation input. Which ever controller I start with can respond to input but when I change controller through possesion the inputs don’t work. I’m assuming the controller I start with keeps the input and it doesn’t transfer across.

Hello ChrisRBolton,

Do you have more than one player controller class? If this is the case you may need to set the payer controller class in your game mode when you switch between your character and your space ship. Please let me know how this goes.