Input consumed by Get[AxisName] node?

In my character BP, I use GetMoveForward/GetMoveSideways nodes to access the axis values bound to those names in my project input settings. I’m using the function nodes as opposed to the events. Everything was working fine until I also wanted to access these values from my controller BP. I did the same there, using the function call nodes within the tick event. Now my controller logic works, but the values retrieved by the character BP are always zero.

I assume this has something to do with input processing priority. Is it expected behavior? If so I don’t think it’s very intuitive - these nodes don’t have an execution pin, they appear to be just value retrievers and I don’t expect them to have any side effects whatsoever.

I’m experiencing the same problem. I’m trying to just get the input value of my player (in the Character Class GetMoveForward BP function) to use in scaling a spaceship’s thruster exhaust effect. Using the “GetMoveForward” BP function acts as if it is consuming the MoveForward input instead of just retrieving the value. Could we get an answer on this Epic devs? :slight_smile:

Assuming you’re using version 4.7 (or later), I just ran into this issue and resolved it. PaladinDawnfire is right, for some reason checking an input value consumes the input. By default at least, if you select the node then look at the details panel you’ll see that the consume input bool has been set to true. Uncheck it and you can use the axis values in other places.

It’s definitely unintuitive and makes you want to slap yourself when you realize you forgot to unmark the box.

Wow, I wonder if that existed all the way back in 4.6 and I just missed it. Still think it needs to be more explicit, but anyway thanks for sharing this!