Input component calling functions from another class.

Hey all, I am looking for some clarity on the following code:

InputComponent->BindAction("FirePrimary", IE_Pressed, PlayerPawn, &AShipPlayerController::FirePrimary);
 InputComponent->BindAction("FireSecondary", IE_Pressed, PlayerPawn, &APlayerShip::FireSecondary);

void AShipPlayerController::FirePrimary()
 //UE_LOG(LogTemp, Warning, TEXT("FirePrimary Called from player controller"));

What I want to know is… is there a way to cut out the member functions in the player controller and just call the function from the player controller straight to the player pawn.
I have tried :

 InputComponent->BindAction("FirePrimary", IE_Pressed, PlayerPawn, PlayerPawn->FirePrimary);

or variants of.
where playerpawn is a reference to the possessed pawn.

Bascially I want to not have to call 2 functions for one input read. Thanks in advance !