Input combination problem!

How can I handle this problem? Please look the picture

Have you tried researching this issue?

There similar threads such as[1] which highlights a cool implementation of sequences and gates.

I’d rather not post an answer and instead encourage you to go upvote their answer if its helpful.

[1]Multiple keys pressed at the same time - Blueprint - Unreal Engine Forums

I have searhed for a long time for this stuation. However, this is not about pressing multiple keys at the same time. Look the picture again please. I have opened new 3d/2d sidescroller template and I removed jump input from W key(jump only witht space). Now, when I press right key(D) and W key at the same time than press jump(space), the character jumping as expected. But when I press left key(A) and W key at the same time than press jump key(space), the character does not jumping. 3 key combinations to the right side work correctly, 3 key combinations to the left side do not work. This is about program defaults. And I have no even an idea to solve this. if you post an answer I ll be glad.

Edit: My engine version is 4.20.3. I selected the wrong version in the subject content.

It’s possible that your keyboard won’t register those three keys. Most keyboards will only register 3 button presses in certain combinations. This is known as ghosting. To test that this may be the cause in your game, with your keyboard, you can find a “Keyboard Ghosting Checker” on Google and see the inputs being registered.

Thankyou! I did the test and it didnt registering space button when I holding W+A . But it’s registering when I holding W+D. So what I have to do to solve this problem ? is it about only my keyboard?

It’s a hardware issue, you can’t overcome it without using a different keyboard. Even if you did solve it for yourself - some players of your game would still likely run into the 3 button combination problem that you have currently. In this case I think your keyboard is particularly bad for not being able to register those 3 keys, so it may not affect many users should you continue using these key combos.

Alternatively you can make use of ctrl / alt which I believe are much more friendly in 3-button combos.

Thank you.