input bugs, rotate two disc


I have two disc facing an orthographic camera view. Those disc are like variable button like those make light switch variable.
My first disc is an actor.
In it i’ve :
Event “Left mouse button” and event “Mouse Y” connected to “addactorlocalrotation” (both). The parameter of MouseY is linked to a addactorlocalrotation axe to make it turn.
It work ! (but i need to set player0 in input)

Now i put my second disc. And i should see 2 disc turning at the same time. But NOT ! Only the first is turning. They have the same setup.
My idea was to separate the disc by their X position so if my mouse is more than middle right : only right disc turn.
But to do this : I must start with a logic base : the two disc must turn in actual state !

I tried to duplicate the blueprint disc instead of instance of the same blueprint, but same bug.
The two disc are setup with “autoreceive input” : player 0

My level blueprint is set with setmouseshow : true.

What’s wrong with my input ? Why the two disc doesn’t rotate, so only one do it but they have the same code ?

It seems like both your disks are Pawns that “possess” the player controllers. Only one pawn can be possessed by a player controller at any time. You will probably need to make a different actor that then rotates the disks.

Oh thank you for response. I was just back here to say : i resolve it.
With enable/disable input
It work !