Input Blocked / InputAction won't trigger


I got a problem with my Inputs or rather said combinations of them…
Everything itself works,
Dash works, Movement works… everything is fine…
yet when I wan’t to have multile Actions at once
Going Up, Moving Forward and meanwhile Dashing… I am moving forwards and upwards but no Dash
As you can see I gave the Dash a second Key to trigger “Left Mouse Button” and the problem is no longer a Thing
But the Problem is I can’t keep the Dash on the Mouse and would like to have it at the X Key since I am working on a Shooter.

I made a bit testing and here are the Key Combinations that work for the Dash and which won’t:

W + A
W + D
Space + A
Space + D
LShift + A
LShift + D

Do not Work:
S + A
S + D
Space + W
Space + S
LShift + W
LShift + S

I am struggeling on this already for a few days and I cant find a solution to that problem