Input binds for a character and player controller

So i’m trying to set up GameplayAbilities and i would like to have key-binds handled by both my character and my controller. I use my controller for camera movement and moving the character around and my characters input would be set up for blasting abilities.
Any keys that i bind to the character are not firing the functions i set up. Does anyone know how to get the character to listen to my key presses as well as the controller to keep its key binds? I could really use some help here. at least a nudge in the right direction. This is all done in C++. i’m also welcome to a Blueprint solution.

Do your Character and Controller share some of these binds?

Hey sorry for a long reply. No they do not share any of the binds i wish to use. I only use mouse input on the player controller to move the camera. and i wish to use keyboard for the character. like qwer for abilities.
I found that i can just call activate ability by class. and i save the ability classes in an array so i can make a function on the character
*void *CallAbility (*int32 x)
where x is the index of the ability i want to use. But that is pretty janky since the character should have the option have its own binds.
I have a feeling that i’ve made an error somewhere when assigning inputs and the characters won’t work anymore. Maybe my character isn’t set up properly. I made it from scratch with c++ maybe there’s a variable i forgot to set to enable input but i’m not really sure. I think i tried to enable input and it didn’t work.