Input axis not providing correct value despite otherwise working as intended

This is technically two separate issues, but basically, I’m having two very similar but strange issues with the movement axis output for both keyboard and controller. Also, I have verified that my axis mappings/settings are correct.

Context: I have seperate axis bindings for full analog movement axis (for controller) and up, down, left and right for keyboard. I’m also trying to create a ‘directional input’ system for performing certain actions, based on the camera direction (the player is always facing the camera).

The first problem involves a lack of output value for the ‘forward’ key axis (set to ‘W’) and the ‘A’ and ‘D’ keys. W and D should output a ‘1’ to the print when pressed and A should output ‘-1’, but they don’t provide any output, despite working otherwise as intended (player character moves forward as expected). Meaning the movement keys provide no output aside from the ‘backwards’ key.

And a similar problem is occurring with the controller left stick y axis (forward/backward) when trying to make a seperate set of variables for that specific input (for a ‘stick tap’ detection system) - no output from the stick axis, but the x axis outputs fine, meaning the magnitude is only affected by that. Here’s the strange part, though, the same axis are providing perfectly fine outputs on both axis for the directional system where the keys are failing. It’s driving me crazy.

So, yeah, I have no idea what’s going on with that, whether it’s a bug or something I’m somehow doing wrong.