Input Action Not Firing During Specific Movement Input

I’m working on a top down shooter that uses two players one keyboard. For player 2, a specific movement input is causing another input action “jump” to never fire. There doesn’t seem to be anything in the movement logic that would put the player in a state that would cause the jump not to work. There aren’t even any branches in the logic. Here’s a video detailing the issue and showing the blueprint for the jump input UE4 Input Action BP Issue - YouTube

Hey Joseph.
I can’t say why it might work with him going up, but not down. I’ve had issues before where my keyboard would not accept more than 3 keys being pressed at once, but this is a new one for me.
Are you able to watch the blueprint executing in real time (maybe on a second monitor)?
Does the jump event get called at all when you’re strafing and moving down (check with breakpoints or using print string events)?

I put a string right after the jump input event and it wouldn’t call it. This is still specifically when moving down and looking left or moving up and looking right. However it works for player 1 just fine, and p1 is using identical functions to move and jump.

I think I found the issue. It seems to have to do with calling 3 inputs at once when they are too close to eachother on the keyboard. If jump is X and move is WASD strafing by holding down W & A won’t hinder the jump but strafing with S & D will. Unreal Input Bug Update - YouTube