Input action Left mouse + shift problem

I have a charged attack that fires when i press shift+left mouse button and release left button. It works ok if i release left mouse first, but if i release shift button first the nodes that come after the input action dont execute, resulting in the character to idle in the charging pose, how do i fix or prevent this from happening?

Maybe have the Shift button only do the charge part of the code, then handle the fire completely with the mouse button.

Can you upload an image of your code?

[USER=“9437”]Seed 37[/USER] Sure, Please forget the yellow notes, they were for an other issue that is fixed already, the problem o fusing shift only for charge is that i use shift for othe stuff like sprinting and i dont want charge attack anytime i sprint


You could add another bool for if your mouse is being held down than place another branch check for it. So the code will change or not run depending if the mouse is still being held. Not sure if that’s what you need though.

You could move the code to the mouse press instead and control the bools for the shift button.

Maybe add a contingent in your mouse release code that will check if shift is held down and execute the same code you have on shift release.

Could you upload the mouse button press code.

set-up-input.pngThe code is that one one the image above, i set the input like this:

ok, I think whats going on is unreal wont see the charged as being released unless the shift is still being held because you have shift checked. Maybe remove the shift check directly on the charged input and handle it with a bool check. Or you could run the “on release” code on both the charged input and a regular left mouse button release. Connect the same code on the Input Action Charged Event (Released) with a Left Mouse Button Event (Released) and see if it works.