Innovative Games That Have Never Been Done Before, Potential To Make Millions

I have ideas for 3 different games, I would describe myself as an expert in analyzing the gaming industries market and where innovation needs to happen based on what is available. Currently I have 3 different game ideas and the one which I think will be the most successful and will require the shortest development time is what I am currently focusing on. There is an electronic NDA that I am preparing, still working on the proposal for the game and information/art but I will be finished soon, it will guide the best developer to make a great game. If anyone is interested then please message me, this is very serious as I am confident this could be very popular on steam so I need to trust you first, I don’t want my idea to be stolen.

Feel free to add me on steam or message me on here. Looking for experienced game developers so providing your portfolio would be great. I have some experience using Unreal 4 engine but not much since I sold the gaming computer I built in January 2019, gonna buy a gaming laptop near the end of the year, probably by August and not building a desktop gaming computer until February 2022.

“Alright chaps, go easy on 'em.**”

Not to discourage you - but any *experienced *developer will tell you that ideas are frankly, worth very little - and there is no short supply of “grand money-making ideas” in any industry let alone this one. Having an idea is one thing, being able to execute on it is an entirely different matter. To quote a favourite GDC talk - “You’re not special, nor is your game, and you’ll never ship a hit.” The sooner new devs come to terms with that uncomfortable reality, the better their chances of surviving this industry.

My suggestion would be getting some chops of your own first, and executing on some of these ideas before getting too carried away. If you want experienced devs to help you build an idea though, prepare to sell your organs.