Innovative Game Ideas: Feedback from the Community

Hi. I am not sure if this is the correct section to put this in, but I have a few game ideas and I would like some feedback from the community on which one has the most potential. I know it really depends on the quality of the work, but I would still like some feedback :D. Also, some ideas are more thought through than others, but please ignore than, considering the idea that I chose to develop will be completely thought through.

  1. A multiplayer FPS where you are a toy soldier fighting “battles” in a residential apartment or house, including a front and backyard. The soldiers have different weapons, vehicles, etc. and each battle has a different objective, e.g. search and rescue of a fellow hostage or other toy, protecting you base, etc. Each soldier is maybe a foot tall.

  2. A multiplayer survival game with aliens. There are a lot of survival games with zombies, but I don’t know many good ones with aliens. You would spawn with nothing, but some basic clothes. In order to survive, you would need to protect yourself from looters and aliens. The setting would be more of a post apocalyptic island (100 square kilometers). Guns and bullets would be scarce to prevent people from camping. There would be a day and night system, where during the day the aliens are less violent than at night, where you would need to find shelter. Unlike DayZ, the AI would be very advanced.

  3. A multiplayer war simulator, where there are battles of 32 vs 32. The setting is similar to ARMA, in that there is a very large mountainous island with villages, military bases, forests, rivers and lakes, etc. All of the vehicles and weapons are realistic. The game would be centralized around team work, for example the only way to heal an injured soldier would be to put him on a truck and deliver him to the nearest military hospital. Another example is to fly a plane, you need a pilot and a co-pilot. The pilot flies, while the co-pilot shoots. If the plane gets shot down and the soldiers ejected in time, they now have to find there way back to a friendly base with only a pistol and each other. In order to maintain a sense of team work, players will gain points by helping other players. These points can be redeemed for weapons, vehicle upgrades, etc. Another aspect of the game is the ranking system. The highest rank, the generals, have a 2 minute period in the beginning of every battle to plan out the war (so giving the officers and other soldiers a generalized idea of where to go). The officers, the middle rank, are in command of several soldiers. They give the soldiers a generalized idea of where to go. The soldiers, the lowest rank, are the guys following through with the battle plan. All generals, officers, and soldiers fight.