Inno Setup Compiler - Discriptor File error

Dear Answer Hub,

Maybe someone can help. I am trying to create a functional installer with the “Inno Setup Compiler”. But I end up with a “Failed to open descriptor file” error, upon launching the application. Both from the created shortcut on desktop and start menu, and the post- installation dialogue.

  • In the Inno Setup Script wizard, it asks you for the Application files
  • I’m pointing towards my exe inside in the the cooked and packaged output folder C:\Users\Name\Desktop\Folder1\Folder2\WindowsNoEditor\Game_PC\Binaries\Win32\MyGame_PC.exe
  • I then add the game directory with all the files and sub directories.
  • It gives then options if the user should have the option to make start menu and desktop shortcuts.
  • It’s ultimately those shortcuts who will not function, giving the “Failed to open descriptor file” error.

See attachment.

Hi, have you tried to use the .exe file from WindowNoEditor and not the one from Bnaries folder.?

have you treid to use the ese file directl from WindowsNoEditor folder and not the exe from binaries folder.?

Hi, the WindowsNoEditor only contains 2 folders: “Engine” and “Game_Folder”. The only exe file (after packaging) is in the WindowsNoEditor\Game_Folder\Binaries\Win64 Folder …

Is there normally an exe in the WindowsNoEditor? and if so, how?