Inno Compiler & GameUserSettings

I used Inno Compiler to create an EXE setup file for my game.

It works, except there’s one major issue: My graphics menu—which uses GameUserSettings nodes—no longer works.

Normally, these settings would created a ‘Saved’ folder with the GameUserSettings.ini with all the settings. But after using the Inno Compiler, this folder is not created. Thus, no settings are saved.

Works fine before compiling (in the WindowsNoEditor folder that UE4 creates).

Any help would be appreciated.


Since Inno Compiler is the one causing trouble with your saved folder, we must request that you speak with their support services directly for assistance. Packaging through Unreal Engine 4 should provide you with a .exe, proper use of GameUserSettings.ini files and a ‘Saved’ folder.

Thank you.