Innacurate pawn collisions?

I’m fairly new to U4 and blueprints, but me and my buddy have been trying to figure out this problem for a while, with no success. Blocks (pawns) are dropped using a Set Actor Transform, with only the Z axis being moved atm(we do not want to use gravity, because eventually the player will control the movement of them). On collision however, all the axes and rotation become off, even though we never apply any rotation to the object or transform to the other axes. It is just a slight amount (something like 0.00236143, etc.) but completely random and inconsistent. It seems like it is relative to the speed of the object, the faster the transform speed, the more it becomes off. We’ve also tried force movements, but it has the same problem. It is such a small amount, but we’d rather not half-* it and have it cause problems later.

I was wondering if anyone has had this problem before or any suggestions on correcting it. Any help is greatly appreciated. **