INMATES (First Person, story-driven exploration simulator with horror elements and puzzles)

Hello guys! I am proud to announce the launch trailer of a game i’m working on called “INMATES”.
I’ve been working on “Inmates” for the past two years, alone and use only blueprint
In the beginning of summer, I’m going to release my game – Inmates.
It’s about investigating details of a prison to discover the story of the people who are locked there, picking up, examining, using objects to discover mysteries of the prison.

And some links below to follow Inmates:

Nice! I like what you have done.

You said that you done it “alone” “sole” really?

I had been try to find right team to help with my project since. Haven’t found a right team other than my best buddy, he start out as 3d modelling junior… I teach him until now he is got a lot better now. But still I feel I was doing my project “sole” for two years since I start the project.

Motivate me how did you done it as sole?

with voice acting and main music themes, my friends helped me, and with translation from russian to english (I wrote the story script in russian im not too good in english), but other work - modeling, texturing, programming (blueprint only) & etc, I did all alone. And what I can say after these 2 years, its very super heavy but my motivation is that I like story based games like Silent Hill, Heavy Rain & etc very much. I don’t recommend you to do the game alone,it’s really sad to do it alone,Its better to work with a team,if you do it alone or with one person and you want to get good result,you will spend all your time on it.

I can do it but time and family come first, include my wife impatient…
Maybe when all of my kids go to school full time then I can spend 4 hours a day on games project.

Your really lucky to have that such skill. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much:) And if you need some help in your project, please feel free to write me! :slight_smile:

Some in-game screenshots




Looking good!

Thank you)

Some new in-game screenshots



Shut up and give us a game already! Haha

Look great so far! And I just had a good day today :wink:


Check out 360 video panorama from Inmates

I like your art of lighting!
I was still struggle with art of lighting, where did u learn that?

thank you. I worked for many years as a CG generalist and lighting TD