Ink Forces, a turn based RTS drawn on Paper (Pics and Trailer inside!)

Ink Foces
Hi guys, I am working on this game for a year now, and I finally announced it to the public these days! It has all the core RTS concepts, you build a base, construct units etc., but its all turn based and drawn on paper and parchment.
Some random features include:

  • Multiple Factions
  • Consecutive Story-Campaign
  • Conveyor Belts Built your base with Factorio-Style assembly lines and plan factories

I’ve gotten quite some feedback from different people over multiple internet chats, but I would like to hear as many different opinions as possible. This is my first game, and as I made something rather unusual it seems that I might have failed to get my message across in the trailer. :smiley: Are there any aspects that you consider especially hard to understand? Do you have any suggestions how to clear things up?

One idea I heard was to make the trailer follow a single unit from production through some battle situations, so it’s easier for the viewer to connect the different shots. I am glad for any comment. :slight_smile:



Awesome concept mate, really well done!

Cant wait to see where you take this.

ho god, I like the paper drawn style !

have you tried an earaser effect instead of the fadeout effect ?

Very, very interesting concept!

I really like the paper effect :). Quite unique!

Haha, thanks for all the kind words. :slight_smile:

There actually IS an eraser animation when units fade out! The stuff doesn’t fade out everywhere at the same rate, I wanted to create the illusion that somebody needs to go over stuff multiple times to fully remove it. You can see that for example on the shot in the gif where the red building gets jarred (with the Bob Ross drawing and drawn on the background).

But actually, not a lot of people are realising this. So I plan to do it a little more obvious, but I hadn’t really time to do it yet. Another idea that goes in a similiar direction is to let some very small parts stay for some time when something fades out, as it wouldn’t have been erased fully.

Edit: Bonus, some random gifs, taken from my twitter: