Inject clouds in all BP_SKY_SPHERE, not only in upper hemisphere

I test with clouds opacity parameter, but this parameter can’t inject clouds in all material, only in half of it – in upper hemisphere (in the upper side of sphere). I want to achieve injection of clouds in all sphere. I tried to manipulate the material M_Sky_Panning_Clouds2 of static mesh SM_SkySphere in actor BP_SKY_SPHERE, but after all manipulations and tests something always divide sphere to two separate hemispheres (upper with clouds and down with solid color). Can you help?

BP_Sky_Sphere and all materials for that BP are in engine content.
Best way is to copy/migrate that blueprint into your project, then edit material.

Solid color is from atmosphere FOG btw. Kill that actor in level, or turn it off.

I tired this way so many times without success. Nothing can remove the dividing of two hemispheres