Initiating blueprint logic from Melee Range

Hi all,

trying to do a mod right now and i’m stuck with three issues that im having a hard time solving.

essentially I got the main blueprint logic all functioning, I have it running off a right mouse button event.

But now I have to bring dinos into the mix, as its meant to be an interaction with dinos just with a different button besides E. I need some way to check if the player is in range of a dinosaur and if it is initiate my blueprint stuff. I thought I’d have to do this with Get Controlled Pawn (as ive got the logic sitting in Player Controller atm), but its actually being able to identify the distance between a pawn actor and a dino actor in game that is the issue.

additionally after getting that to work, since the blueprint stuff all works independently, all the dino really needs to do is stop moving until its finished, but I’m not sure how to communicate this, I imagine setting its character movement mode to none or something but I haven’t tested this since I’m still working on the point above. How would I go about making the dino AI do nothing?

there are also some auxiliary issues I am confused with:

once the blueprint logic completes I want the dinosaur target to be knocked out, is there a way in blueprint to either a) execute knockout logic directly or b) drop the topor to 0 and trigger it that way?


Should this thread be in the support section? i didnt see it when I created the thread. May make one in there if this one does not get responses