Initializing a variant of a blueprint programattically

Please consider the following blueprint.

I am using a structure to store information about this item, including the mesh to be used. On construction / begin-play I execute this function.
It works flawlessly in the game, and this allows me to generate numerous items as planned. However there is one sticky widget.

The default mesh is “none”, which is not a problem at all, with exception that the thumbnail preview in the content browser is empty.

  1. Is there any way to generate the thumbnail based on the mesh loaded by the construction script?
  2. Am I missing a fundamental step and need to rethink my approach, even though everything works great?
  3. If 1 is no and 2 is no, than is there a way to make 1 possible through an EU4 engine patch?

Essentially it is a convenience to have the thumbnail, any help is greatly appreciated.