Initialize Freezes at 45%

Hello, I want to make a bug report to see if you can help me. Everytime I initialize the engine it freezes at 45%, and there’s no way to make the progress continue.

I hope someone sees this and helps me, because I would really want to use this awesome engine.

Greetings, DannyPitee Games Inc.

Start UE4Editor.exe with -LOG orgument, whis will start UE4 with log output window and you can see on what step editor frezze, may give you a hint whats going on. Also also try checking Saved/Logs in your project directory

Thats not a Bug. Your Engine Compiles all your Shaders for the first time and depending on the size of the Project and your CPU it can take a while. Let it Run once its done the next time you open your Project it will be much faster. (You can See your ShaderCompiler threads running inside your task Manager)