Initialize Blueprint


I have a working blueprint (lets call it BP2 for this scenario) that I’ve called from another blueprint (BP1) via a custom event. However, when I try to reference a variable in the first blueprint (BP1) from the working blueprint (BP2) the BP variable is invalid. How do I initialize it? I need it in order to access an array in BP1. Below is a screenshot of BP2.


You could either cast back to it or you could probably just add in input in the event. Make the input an actor or whoever call call it, the from there you could probably connect that to a cast node then cast from there.

Might work better as an interface setup.

A little more information would help me. What type of blueprints are these? What is SKU JSON Result? It’s never defined so that would be part of the problem.

Thanks for the help everyone.

SKU JSON result is a variable for a pawn blueprint that does a GET request, I then feed the response into an array. I’m trying to read from that array in this blueprint, which is a UMG blueprint.

How do I define SKU JSON Result? I’m still fairly new to Blueprint so I’m sure I’m missing something.

Been trying to figure out how the Cast To node works but it doesn’t seem like I need to use it:


I haven’t had issues referencing a blueprint from another blueprint before, I am doing it already in this project in another spot. However, it may be because I’m trying to do this from a 2nd UMG blueprint?
I am using 1 UMG blueprint for the HUD and another on a plane in 3D space to display the data.