Initialising Objects (Again?)

Hi all

i know that this question has been asked a LOT of times

I have read these posts but it gave me no real answer

i made a blueprint that inherits from Object. Why? because i don’t have any use for anything else (especially an actor). Now that i want to use it, i have no way to initialize it.

Actually there is nothing to initialize. no data no nothing. i just want the effect of

ExecutionQueue eq = new ExecutionQueue()

where the constructor is empty

when i try to reference it, i get that it is empty

as a programmer, this is driving me nuts

please advise bump

how are you creating (spawning) the object based blueprint? I’m assuming Execution is the object based blueprint?

i am adding a variable of it’s type


Adding the variable isn’t enough, like actor based blueprints they are None until you create an instance and assign it to Execution. You can do this with Rama’s plugin and i believe i saw a thread today about someone submitting a pull request with a node doing this but i can’t remember where.!

I haven’t tested it in a while but back in 4.5 or 4.4 crashes aren’t uncommon when using object based blueprints and you can’t inherit object based blueprints.

i don’t need to inherit from it

and i am using 4.6.1 and rama’s victory plugin is for 4.7

Seeing the thread from UE 4.7 being released is from feb 24th i guess you could download any of the february versions before that date.




i am getting 4.7.5 now. Screenshot by Lightshot the feature was added last month (at that point it probably is in 4.7 not 4.6)

oh that’s just a repeat post, the feature has been in there since 4.4 or 4.5 when i started using it. Good luck with it!