Initial Text String in Editable Text Box

Hello there, I’m currently trying to figure out something I was hoping would be fairly straight forward but getting nowhere - hopefully someone out there might be able to give me a bit of help! Basically in my game I want the player to input text in an editable text box. However, rather than typing their text from scratch, I want the start of the editable text to already exist - they can edit or remove it if they see fit, but I need there to be some text in the box at the start - that isn’t the hint text. Any suggestions would be hugely appreciated!

You should be able to just put whatever name or such in the text box and set that text tint to be low or color to be grey then when the player inputs something you can either delete the text, set the tint to full or color to be whatever you want and allow them to fill in their name or if you want them to be able to use that text/name just allow them to hit enter or whatever.