Initial Speed based on distance ?

I’m extremely poor at maths since I left school 20 years ago.

Trying to work out the initial speed (projectile m) based on the distance ? (fixed angle of 45)

Then use google, it has links to wiki pages that have all formulas. Hint: word you need to feed for google is “ballistic formula”.

Or you can use “projectile movement component”, unreal has it ready.

I’m using the Projectile Movement component, but has what ?

Looking at the formulas just makes thinking worse, none of it makes sense anymore, that’s why I posted this.

Not getting any better, can’t find how to do it without knowing time.

So how we should tell you about formulas (that are very simple ones) if you cannot watch formulas?

Well i try to explain anyway:
I assume there is no air drag for your projectile, we shooting it in vacuum. Split motion of your bullet into 2 separate motions: one is horizontal with constant speed, second is exactly vertical (it goes up then down and hits same spot it started from). Both parts of motion take exactly same time.

But cannot get further without formulas.

distance = (v*v/g)sin(2angle)

so vv=(distanceg)/sin(2*angle)

because angle = 45 then 2*angle = 90
and sin(90)=1


and your velocity:

V = sqrt(distance*g)

Now this is actually quite good way for checking how accurate is physics in unreal.

Ps. Learn (refresh) math or vectors will make you go nuts. And you need vectors for about any type of game.

Thinking parametrically may help. With no air resistance, the horizontal velocity will not change. The verticle velocity does. If x is the horizontal component and y is the verticle component:
x (horz. vel.) = some constant
y (vert. vel.) = gravity*time + initial velocity.

Thanks so much for the lame description, just what I need.

Not sure if it is me or not but, to get the velocity as mentioned I added the distance * gravity -980 (default setting) as positive 980 then Sqrt., but had to -50 to get it to match.