Initial Issue with UE4

I am new to making games, and I’ve made one game in Unity.
Coming over to UE4 I find it very challenging how buggy/picky this engine is.

Almost always after compiling some new C++ code, something breaks in the game. A blueprint thinks it cant reference a variable that hasn’t be changed, or some functionality that hasn’t been touched just suddenly stops working.

Then follows this long troubleshooting process of :

  1. Closing editor and reopening
    if that doesn’t work
  2. Closing editor and launching thru VS with Cntrl+F5
    if that doesn’t work
  3. Deleting binaries folder and generating new VS code/ project files through .exe
    if that doesn’t work
  4. Deleting or changing the blueprint and starting over.

I must say this is very frustrating and time consuming, its odd the UE4 has these problems immediately but I haven’t seen any in Unity.

Im unsure what can be done, and it seems alot of people just accept this with UE4, but I must say its really challenging for a newb because you feel like youre doing something wrong,
and when youve done everything right and your edits dont show in game… you can go down a real rabbit hole of confusion.

Thanks for your time.