Inifinite tiles material


I’m glad to announce another project I’m working on. It’s a material that, from an image with tiles, will repeat them in a random infinite combination, making impossible to detect a repetition patern.

Here a comparison between applying a texture as usual, being noticle the patern, and doing it using my material:

An here, a variation of my material, being able to horizontally displace every alternate row, to be at the middle of the next one, for example (I don’t know if exists in English a term to define this, if you can tell me, please):

As source image, you will simply need an image with well defined cells, as the material will create a “grid” over the image to detect the tiles, when we specify into the materials parameters how many tiles there are horizontally and vertically. Fot his example, I have used this albedo texture: Textures for 3D, graphic design and Photoshop! (but the source image don’t need to have the same number of tile on every direction!)

The plan for this is to be sold from Marketplace at a very low price. What do you think?

Thank you and best regards!

Another example over here! Only 9 bricks randomly repeated and rotated: