Inheriting UProperties in editor from instances UObjects

Forgive me if this has already been answered, but I cannot find anything after searching. It may be that I am asking the wrong question, so bear with me?

I am developing a spawning volume and need to draw some debug objects to help me address any errors and visualize my algorithms. I moved the debug rendering out of my spawning volume code and into a new UObject class because things were getting out of hand. The rendering works great but the UPRPOERTY settings from the debug renderer do not show up inside of the primary volume options in the editor.

I have attached an image of my primary spawning volume header file where I declare my debugRenderer object. I reference the debugger object: URR_DebugRenderer* debugRenderer;

Notice that I do have some UPROPERTY tags in that spawning volume header. Those show up just fine in the editor.

I have also attached an image of my debug renderer header. I have also declared some UPROPERTY tags, but they do not show up in the editor when clicking on the spawning volume actor.

Something to note: I have tried declaring the URR_DebugRenderer* debugRenderer; as a UPROPERTY just to see if the properties from that object are even working. In the editor, it shows me that object, and when I click ‘Edit’ the properties of my debug renderer are visible, but in a different window.

Is there any way I can get properties of different UObjects to show up in the primary object? I would hate to have to write getters and setters for each property of each object I include in my project.

Thanks for any help you can provide.