Inheriting Layout Data for UMG?

I have 2 UMG Widgets, A Window Widget and a Terminal Widget. The Terminal Widget’s parent is the Window Widget as I have some logic in the Window Widget for dragging it around the viewport, but I’d also like to change how the Terminal Widget Looks.

As you can see in the attached images, I can’t see the parent hierachy and if i try and put anything there, It overwrites the whole parent hierachy.

Can someone suggest a way of getting around this?




Unfortunately inheriting hierarchy in widgets is not supported. A notification like this one shows up when compiling BP:

Funny thing is, inheriting functions and variables this way still works in my old project. In your case you may be interested in using Named Slots: Named Slot | Unreal Engine Documentation

Just be aware that changing a name of the named slot in a widget, may cause everything attached to this slot in every iteration of this widget to disappear. I’ve had such situation once and I can only imagine how big of a problem it can become in big projects.

If there is a better way to do this, please feel free to correct me.