Inheriting Layout Data for UMG?

As said in the title, I am trying to figure out a way to inherit the Layout Data from a parent widget blueprint, so I can build upon it in my child widget.

For Example, I have my Parent Widget Blueprint named ‘Window’
And I have my child widget, ‘Terminal’

As you can see, the layout doesnt get inherited, even though all my elements are listed as variables, and I don’t have a particularily good knowledge of Object Oreintated Programming, but shouldn’t variables from a parent class, also carry onto the child, that is assuming that the Layout Hierachy is a variable. I don’t mind tipping my toes into some C++ code if thats neccesary. Having to make a new class for every window I have isnt really a great option as I have some logic in another BP class (‘Window Manager’) that requires logic, in the window classes.

Quick Update : I have tried to use named slot after googling around alot, but that only works when you place the widget into another in the editor, which doesnt really work for me as i have direct inheritance, and custom logic in the window class