Inheriting an existing Blueprint Class into a C++ class to modify it.

Hello, I am wondering if it’s possible to inherit all the properties of an existing blueprint base class (In this instance Motion Controller Pawn) in order to virtual override functions in the blueprint? If so could someone provide an example? Apologies if this may seem like a silly question.

You cannot use a Blueprint class as a base class for a C++ class. A C++ class can be a base class for a Blueprint class though.

Is there any particular reason why? Then how to override functions work the if you cannot inherit from an existing blueprint class to override the function?

Blueprint classes always extend C++ (native) classes. If you want to create a override, create a inherited C++ class and then make a Blueprint class that extends that to have the override.

Inheritance also works in Blueprint, so you can make a Blueprint class inherit from another Blueprint.

The system is setup to be C++ to Blueprint always, though.

Out of curiosity, are blueprints not converted to full fledge C++ classes then compiled as C++ ?

Yes but in practice you need another walk around!

Regarding the main question, the only method that I have in mind, could be if Nativize to c++ your Blueprint with the unreal tools, and clean your class (bad naming and ugly stuff), after that you can inherit conserving everything!