Inherited skeletal meshes doesnt show mesh

When i have an inherited skeletal mesh in my character script in c++ it either doesn’t show any content at all. only one textbox with “None” in it or the when it does work and a mesh is selected in the blueprint show anything:
The blueprint in the scene has no mesh selected. If i select one and apply the instance changes the blueprint editor still shows no mesh.
The editor crashes when i select an animation for that skeletal mesh

I compiled again and now i have another skeletal mesh that i deleted out of the code.
That variable doesn’t exits anywhere in the code because i renamed it. And now there is the new name of the variable and the old one



Gun2 skeletal mesh doesnt have any properties

Hi gidcheen,

Thanks for your report. We have assigned this issue to a member of our support staff, and they will begin investigation as soon as possible. If we are unable to reproduce the issue, or we need additional information, our staff member will comment here with additional questions. Otherwise, we will post an ‘Answer’ once we have logged the issue in our bug database or we have a solution for it.

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I assigned the the mesh in the blueprint.
When i assigned it in code it appeared as it should. But when i commented that section out again the mesh was still apearing even if the blueprint showd the slot was empty.

The mesh doesnt show the same behavior. I inherit that from the base class though. Other skeletal meshes i define myself sometimes but not always have the same behavior. Sometimes don’t have any properties at all.

Hey gidcheen-

Here are a few questions that would help me reproduce this on my machine:

How are you defining the skeletal mesh in the constructor?

Are you assigning the mesh through code or just setting up the component and then assigning the mesh in the blueprint?

Based on your screenshot, does the “Mesh” component show the same behavior or is it only happening with the “Pistol” component?

Does the mesh not show with other skeletal meshes set or do you only see this with the handgun mesh?


Doug Wilson

I created a class based on character and added a USkeletalMeshComponent* to the class. When I created a blueprint based on this class and add a mesh to this component it is appearing as expected. Is there any steps I’m missing in my reproduction? Are you able to reproduce this in an empty project with no additional content?

I reproduced the problem in an empty project.
How should i get that Project to you?

If you’re able to upload it to dropbox you can post the link to download the project here or send me a private message on the forums with the link.

Hey gidcheen-

I just wanted to touch base with you since I’ve not heard from you in a few days. If you still have the sample project where you were able to reproduce this please send me a link on the forums (Doug Wilson) to download the project.


Doug Wilson

This is the project which produces the problem where it doesnt attachto and doesnt show the mesh. It seems to be something with the hot reloading as everything seems to work when all binaries are deleted and it is recompiled completely.

The attach to needs to be commented out on the first compile and then added and compiled a second time.

Hey gidcheen-

If you close the editor and compile do you still have the problem of the mesh not showing up when you reopen the project? Are you specifically referring to the gun mesh not appearing in the blueprint viewport? Does the mesh show up properly when set/after a hot reload? Additionally, fixes to hot reload that were present in 4.8 were addressed in 4.8.3. Can you let me know if you’re still having the same problem after upgrading to the latest hotfix?

Hey gidcheen-

We’ve not heard back from you in a few days. I will be marking this post as resolved for tracking purposes. If you’re still having issues with the skeletal mesh you can add a comment to reopen this post and we will investigate further.


Doug Wilson

Another problem marked as resolved that wasn’t resolved. Another satisfying Unreal Answers post! :slight_smile: I have this problem quite often as well and thought I found an answer.

Hey Burnrate-

This post was marked as resolved because there was not enough information to continue investigating the original issue. Can you provide details about the problem that you’re having? Which engine version are you working on? Are you using an inherited skeletal mesh component?

I have not had this issue in newer versions.
I am currently using 4.10.
so i guess id be fine with it being marked as resolved…
I don’t know if there is the option for an admin to remove this as it doesn’t seem to have any value for anyone else.

This still isn’t solved. An inherited mesh does not show anything if you press play.

To reproduce:

  1. Create a new “default pawn” blueprint
  2. Put a mesh in the inherited static mesh
  3. Put it in the level
  4. Press play
  5. It disappears

Hey MrGoatsy-

What engine version are you running? I tried the steps you provided in 4.16 and the mesh set (1M_Cube) showed during PIE after step 4. If you are able to reproduce this in the latest engine version, please provide a small sample project demonstrating the behavior.